The first certificate of a new anti-covid sample was received by organic citrus exporters

SERVIAGRO 2000, an organic citrus export company, was the first company in its sector in Spain to receive the AgroCovid-19 certificate issued by SOHISCERT.

The AgroCovid-19 certificate confirms the measures taken to ensure protection against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The certificate was issued after an external audit, which confirmed that SERVIAGRO 2000 provides workers, carriers and visitors with adequate security measures to protect against coronavirus.

SERVIAGRO 2000 has been specializing in the marketing of organic citrus products for more than 20 years, processing 20,000 tons per year and employing more than 400 employees.

Commercially, the company belongs to the Vega Verde brand, and its production facilities have numerous certificates in the field of organic production and food safety.

The fruit and vegetable center, located in the municipality of alaurin de La Torre, province of Malaga, continued its normal activities even at the peak of the pandemic.

This certification confirms SERVIAGRO 2000’s commitment to guarantee the safety of its employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19 through protocols and information measures, risk prevention, protection of people and hygiene at facilities.

The agri-food Protocol against COVID-19, also called AgroCovid-19, was prepared by the certification company SOHISCERT and allowed the agri-food industry to standardize actions in accordance with the recommendations of key national and international organizations.