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Порядок вступления - Union of Greenhouses of Kazakhstan

"Union of Greenhouses of Kazakhstan"

According to the procedure for joining new members to the composition of the "Union of Greenhouses of Kazakhstan", stipulated in Article 5 of the Charter of the STC:

1. Procedure for admission and exit of members.

The founders of the Union are its members.
Members of the Union can be any legal entities interested in cooperation with the Union, who have recognized this Charter and are able to provide financial and other assistance in the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Union, in accordance with the regulations on members of the Union.
Admission of a new member of the Union is carried out by the General meeting on the basis of an application submitted by him to the President of the Union, submitted in the form attached to this Memo, who represents the applicant at the next General meeting from the date of submission of the application.
The Applicant must attach their constituent/legal documents to the application.
The applicant is obliged to pay the entrance and quarterly fees within 10 working days from the date of the General meeting's decision on admission to the Union.

A candidate is considered to be accepted as a member of the Union after making entrance and quarterly contributions.
- The entrance fee is 50 MCI
- The quarterly fee is 30 MCI (10 MCI per month)

2. The rights of a member of the Union cannot be transferred to third parties.

3. A member shall withdraw from the Union by submitting a written application.

No later than three months after a member submits an application for secession from the Union, the latter is obliged to:
- determine the terms of return of property transferred by this member to the operational use of the Union;
- determine the amount and terms of return of property purchased by a member of the Union at the expense of the Union;
- to make financial and credit calculations with the retiring member under the contracts concluded with the Union;
- determine the procedure for the fulfillment by a member of the Union of previously assumed obligations towards other members of the Union and the Union as a whole;
- resolve other issues related to the withdrawal of a member from the Union.
4. After the above-mentioned issues are resolved, the next General meeting approves the decision to withdraw the applicant from the Union.

5. Entrance and quarterly fees of members of the Union are non-refundable. Target contributions are returned in the part that was not spent on the implementation of the target program.

6. in the event of withdrawal, a member of the Union shall bear subsidiary responsibility for the obligations of the Union in proportion to its contribution for one year from the date of withdrawal.

7. members of the Union retain their independence.

8. The members of the Union shall have the right:
- participate in the management of the Union's Affairs in accordance with the procedure established by the Charter;
- receive information about the activities of the Union, its plans and programs;
- request information from the management bodies of the Union on the status of implementation of decisions of the General meeting;
- submit proposals to the agenda at meetings of the General meeting;
- contact the governing bodies of the Union on any issues related to its activities;
- receive Advisory (methodological, legal, accounting and other) assistance from the Union;
- use the priority right to service the Union's information base, products and services produced by the Union, and the priority right to participate in events held by the Union;
- enjoy discounts, benefits and services defined for members of the Union;
- use the services of enterprises and organizations created within the Union on a contractual basis;
- transfer property to the Union's ownership;
- terminate your membership in the Union at your own discretion by notifying the Executive body in the form of a statement.

9. Members of the Union are required:
- comply with the provisions of the Charter and decisions of the governing bodies of the Union;
- make timely admission, quarterly and special-purpose contributions;
- provide information necessary to resolve issues related to its activities;
- to compensate in full the damage caused to the Union due to their fault (the Amounts to be paid as compensation for the damage caused by them are deposited to the Union's settlement account no later than 10 days from the date of the decision made by The President of the Union).

10. Legal grounds and procedures for exclusion from the Union.

A member of the Union may be excluded from it by a decision of the General meeting on any of the following grounds:
- not making quarterly and targeted contributions within a month;
- admissions of gross violations of legal norms that entail or cause damage to the prestige of the Union;
- non-compliance with the provisions of this Charter, refusal to comply with the decisions of the governing bodies, refusal to assist the Union in the implementation of statutory decisions, or incorrect attitude to the members of the Union;
- in case of liquidation of a member of the Union.

11. The decision to exclude a legal entity from the Union should be submitted to him in writing.