Farmers of East Kazakhstan completed the harvesting of melons

Agrarians of the East Kazakhstan region have completed the harvesting of melons and gourds. The last watermelons were delivered to trade networks in the region.
This year, agricultural producers have reaped a good harvest: more watermelons were harvested from one hectare than last year.
Potatoes in the region have been harvested from an area of ​​almost 18 thousand hectares – this is more than 99%. The average yield is over 215 c / ha, reports KazakhZerno.
Vegetables are almost completely harvested with an average yield of about 283 c / ha.
The yield of melons and gourds was about 329 kg / ha.
Farmers in the East Kazakhstan region are expected to finish harvesting potatoes this week.
This year, potatoes have been sown in the region on an area of ​​more than 18 thousand hectares. Vegetables occupy about 8 thousand hectares, melons – about 5 thousand hectares.