Tulkubas farmers collect two crops from one field

In addition to intensive gardens, farms in the Tulkubas district actively develop vegetable growing.
Using agrotechnical methods, farmers collect two crops per year from one field. And in order to avoid problems with irrigation water, channels are being repaired in the area.

In the village of Tulkubas district Acceso farm “Ersary” completes the collection of tomatoes. About 15 people are involved in seasonal work. In early spring, 5 hectares were sown with garlic and potato seeds, which in may produced 20 tons of garlic and 75 tons of potatoes. Then, after cultivating the same land, the farmers planted seedlings of tomatoes and cucumbers.
Sabyrzhan TOLEPBERGENOV, a farmer from the Tyulkubas district:»The weather is good. We will have time to collect tomatoes before the first rains. This year there was a good harvest of garlic and potatoes. There are no problems with implementation. In the area we sell. Businesses are being taken away.”

155 farms in the district planted vegetables on 266 hectares in early spring. And we got a good harvest — 610 tons of products. Local authorities are gradually resolving the issue of irrigation water. In the rural district of Balykty, a contractor has started major repairs of the 9.8 km long Boz canal.
Kuandyk OMIRALIEV, senior engineer of the Tulkubas branch of the Turkestan regional branch of RSE ” Kazvodkhoz»:»Old channels in villages will be updated. By 2022, 13 objects located on the territory of the tyulkubassky district will be repaired. In August, the contractor started to overhaul the Boz channel. The facility will be commissioned by the end of this year.

” after the repair of the main channels Kuly, Tanta, Kyzyl, Uzyn with a length of 70 km, irrigation water will irrigate more than 5 thousand hectares of cultivated land. In General, they will be increased to 7 thousand hectares.

Source: https://otyrar.kz/2020/09/tyulkubasskie-krestyane-sobirayut-po-dva-urozhaya-s-odnogo-polya/