Plantalux was established as a family owned business in 2016 but our roots in lighting industry reach far deeper to 2011. Since the very beginning we have been focused on horticulture industry especially enhancing plant growth in controlled environment both in greenhouse and indoor farming. Since 2016 we have delivered our products to many greenhouses and indoor farms in 12 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia – especially in Kazakhstan. At Plantalux we want to contribute to constantly changing word by providing solutions for improving plant cultivation and at the same time decreasing needed resources. Every project is unique and this is the way we treat our partners – in unique way. We always start from collecting as much data as possible about the object, geographic location and most importantly the needs of the partner. Once the lighting project is prepared we discus and evaluate it with the partner to make sure all parties are at the same page. During installation works in the object we are always within arm’s reach acting ac online consultant. Thanks to cooperation with various life science universities, horticulture institutions and test carried out in our own indoor farm we are able to provide state of the art lighting to enhance plants growth in greenhouses and indoor farms.

Ewelina Padziak

Account Manager
mobile: +48 500 099 661