Delphy BV (DLV Groep)

Delphy BV (DLV Groep), one of the largest crop consultants established under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands over 120 years ago, provides services in all areas of crop production, including open and greenhouse production, the decorative sector and mushroom production. It is now a privately-owned company, named after a merger with one of the Dutch greenhouse consultants. Delphy has been represented in Kazakhstan since the beginning of the 2000s, during this time the work of agro-support of various greenhouse complexes was carried out, programs for the development of agricultural complexes were developed, technological audits were carried out, turnkey projects and work of training personnel of agricultural enterprises were completed. The core of the company or the mission of Delphy is activities related to the expansion of the database of plants and the optimization of the processes of the activities of agricultural enterprises. Our own latest research in the field of crop production makes it possible to transfer this knowledge and implement it in your agricultural enterprise, transfer materials and know-how in the field of crop production in open and protected ground, mechanization, process automation, IT applications and remote monitoring of agricultural production. Delphy provides experienced agronomists and consultants. The work of specialists does not stop even in the absence of specialists who control production remotely using the platform of Digital Panels and other digital models developed by the company. Currently, our specialists are working in almost all regions of Kazakhstan, starting from the first days of the start of the greenhouse complex, and some of the companies in the greenhouse sector are our regular customers.


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